Monday, September 24, 2012

Put on a Hapa-Face.

Happy faces were everywhere at Terrain this weekend. Beautiful surroundings, gorgeous weather, extraordinary people, and a bounty of fresh forage for our Hapa-Zome textile project.
Wild grape dye right off the vine made on the spot and mineral pigments were used to embellish after the banging began.
Forage- Fold- Bang- Repeat.
The results were of this earth, and heavenly all at once.

I wouldn't have pulled it off without the help of Roxanne, from the Quilters Alley. Her friendship and experience as a teacher gave me all of the support that I needed to "bang this one out"! Merci, Rox.
Thank you to Barbara, Nola, Bonnie, Nancy Worrilow, Joyce, Meredith and most of all to Genevieve, my daughter (the gorgeous blonde!). Her radiant energy and smiling face brought an element to the workshop that gave me such a feeling of pride. Mother and daughter sharing in the beauty of this season. It was a special day for me.

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