Sunday, January 4, 2015

Redwood inspired.

Bark from a redwood tree in Big Sur.
Scarf from Vagabond's Daughter.

Happy New Year, baby!

This naturally dyed quilt was lovingly sewn for sweet baby Sophia James Ketwaroo.
Madder root and quebracho red on linen with an over dyed antique textile from the Netherlands on the back.

Over the river and through the woods!

To visit dear old friends (and bridesmaid!) artist and Huff Post travel writer Mary Anne Erickson and her husband, chef Richard Erickson of Blue MountainBistro to Go in Woodstock, NY was a grand idea. Richard and MA brought all of the food from their fabulous bistro- ready to go. We just had to heat it up, pour the Negronis, and enjoy! All I had to do was shake a mason jar with the ruby red elixir and celebrate.
Oh, and I brought the perfectly dyed vintage table cloth and napkins.
Good times.

Noel Nights

I was honored to be asked again to contribute to the Noel Nights Concert with Rufus, Martha, Louden, Teddy and all of the other supremely talented Wainwright family members. A wonderful night of music with guest appearances by Emmy Lou Harris, Cyndie Lauper and others, all in the name of crushing cancer for good! Kate MacGarrigal, Rufus and Martha's mother, lost her battle after starting the non profit organization in her name.
I silk screened, stuffed, and stitched 250 balsam sachets, embellished with Kate's drawing of the "ski girl". Tim helped.

Welcome, 2015!

We bid a fond farewell to last year.
The holiday season ended with our annual holiday bash. It was a great success!
In the new year I hope to expand the home dec line, including more quilts, duvets, pillows and table lines. There will be scarves galore- and I need not mention that EVERYTHING will be hand dyed with natural plant extracts.
And who would be up for a pop up dinner party in the barn with some home brewed jazz?
Lots of fun things coming to the Vagabond's Daughters studio. We hope you will pay a visit.