Monday, September 17, 2012

New Terrain for A Vagabond.

Welcome to Terrain! What a glorious day it was to hold Vagabond's Daughters 1st Shibori Technique workshop. The sky itself appeared to have been washed with indigo. The warm September sun and a brisk breeze worked beautifully in tandem to dry the finished scarves before the workshop was over. I was joined by a group of lovely ladies, some were old friends from past lives, and I believe some new friendships were forged as well. The elements were all in place for a creative fest, and I am so grateful to Nancy Worrilow manager of Terrain for inviting me to come and share my knowledge and love of what I do. I will be back there this Saturday and the next to teach 2 new natural dying techniques: Hapa-zome and printing with Pigments, and Eco- Bundling. These can be further explored in India Flints books "Eco Colour" and "Second Skin".

Special thanks to my friend Deb and husband Tim for all of their help.

What a nice way to spend a Saturday.

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