Tuesday, January 31, 2012

These squirrels have multiplied!

Sets of place mats with napkins. Red and white Amy butler on one side, and the squirrels printed on red faux wood grain fabric from Anthology.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Even squirrels know how important it is to share. My original drawing has been screen printed onto cotton flour sack dish towel for you to share with someone you love. Go to etsy and get one for your valentine... limited edition! Etsy

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It madders....Purple Logwood and Madder.

The natural dyes I played with yesterday were Purple Logwood and Madder

. The purples and lavenders came from the Logwood. The red, coral and any dark purple/ grays (almost black)came from the madder after we added iron and baking soda... there was no real method to the madness with that recipe... alchemy got the best of me! It's really mystery after mystery with these dyes. You don't know what color the fabric will be after you pull it out of the vat, how dark they will be after they are rinsed, and again after they are washed. I'm hooked on the uncertain outcomes and having to give up control. "Alchemists Anonymous"?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Etsy shop is up and running.

Welcome to Vagabond's Daughter Etsy Shop.

Send a subtle message in the sack.

The ideal place for this pillow would be the bedroom...
Depending on your mood, choose one side or the other:
"I want you."
"Not tonight."
Printed on a vintage linen flour sack.
Happy Valentine's Day?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Earthly accents.

Pillows made with indigo, turmeric, marigold and all natural pigments that I ordered from Earth Hues.
The pigments were stenciled on with my friend Roxanne's stencil from- gulp- I think JoAnne's.
The marigold was extracted much like you would make a tea. The clips from staples create that grid effect.

In a thicket, in the woods...

Bambi is safe a sound in a thicket of Cedar branches. Silk screened on organic linen.
Queen Anne's Lace with a more vibrant twist.
Placemats in stock, $9.00 each, as many as you need- custom printed for any occasion.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Once apron a time...

Before the days of Rit Dye, artisans used plants and flowers to color their textiles.
I used turmeric for the one with the fringe and a combination of marigold and golden rod for the one with the circles.
The marigolds were frozen after harvest and then steeped in hot water and left for several days. round plastic eye shadow tops were kept in place by clips from Staple.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Table talk.

Placemats a plenty. Just add napkins. Available soon at an etsy store near you!

Wish I had a printer!

I did my best here to create panels of fabric that look like they have come from a bolt of mass yardage. These pairs of deer and rabbits suggest thoughts of living in peace and harmony, on organic linen and vintage fabrics.

Indigo ombre.

One of the most satisfying dye techniques is accomplished when dunking one end of wet fabric into the dye bath and allowing it to creep and seep into the fabric, creating an effect called "ombre". Typically one end is richer and deeper and then fades out. That said, my experiences with dying prove nothing is ever really typical, and surely very difficult, if not impossible, to repeat! This randomness is also what makes each piece so special.
The Queen Anne's Lace printed over the dye adds another dimension.