Monday, August 13, 2012

Treasure Farm, Woodstock, NY.

This treasure is timeless. Treasure Farm. The home has been a part of the Hitzig legacy for decades, and we have been fortunate enough to be a part of it for over 30 years. We were at the farm for Bill and CJ's wedding, and they were with me while in labor with our son Jack, now 22!
Tim and Bill play in the Woodstock Golf Classic each year, while I sit by their glamorous pool and wait for the party to begin.
This year while everyone was out I scavenged the farm for plant life and rusty remnants for a hot steam eco bundle.
Rusted horse bits, old horse shoes and nails, grapes and vine leaves, ferns, and spring water are just a few things that I used to steam with the silk and linen fabric.
After the hot bundling process in CJ's kitchen I brought it home for a little bit of logwood dye and hand stitching.
The end product is a monogrammed table runner for their anniversary gift, literally infused with bits of Treasure Farm.
A small token  in exchange for many wonderful memories.
Thank you to the Hitzig Family of Woodstock, NY. xoxo

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