Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mellow yellow.

For centuries, all over the globe, turmeric has been used as a reliable textile colorant. Tibetan Monks have used Turmeric to dye there golden garments. The simmered seasoning will grab onto any fabric with gusto, so care must be taken if the color you desire is a more mellow yellow.
I was recently commissioned to dye and silk screen six drapery panels. The dye desired was Turmeric, and the initial color was way too brilliant. I had to wash and wash and wash until the color faded to more of a buttery hue, rather than maize. The monks robes will fade with time, too, but all it takes is a quick dip back in to the saffron colored soup and they are brilliant gold once again! This method works great for something like drapes, as they don't require many washings. The color will hold- no worries.

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