Thursday, April 26, 2012

Set Sale!

The Vagabond's Daughter "set sail" and went to the sale at Une Minette. Lauren did a super job with setting up shop, complete with wind machines to put the scarves into motion. My husband Tim helped by creating the whimsical sail boat mast and boom to display the scarves. Thanks, Babe.
The dyeing demos were awesome, and everyone who participated was so much fun. This concept of group dyeing could make a great party activity.... drink, dip, drink, repeat!

Zoe Zellers from WAG Magazine came and interviewed us and took some hot shots. Merci, Zoe. I can't be there tomorrow, but Saturday we will do another demo at 11.

 Come for coffee and cookies and a peruse of all of the finery at Une Minette.


  1. Totally love how you displayed everything! Your work is lovely!