Thursday, March 15, 2012

Golf balls are good for something!

Yes, golf balls do have a purpose in my life, after all. My husband, Tim Geaney, can't seem to live without them, for obvious reasons. For years I have been dodging them as they whiz by my ears, or while I was horseback riding in the ring adjacent to his "driving range".
Now, I have discovered a use for them of my own. Shibori dyeing with these white wonders have created a cool effect that I will repeat again and again. You can see how they have been wrapped in the fabric, and then dipped in the Indigo. The Indigo comes out of the vat a bright coppery green, and then within minutes of hitting the air oxidizes and becomes that iconic indigo blue. The other scarf was dyed using pop beads from an old necklace, resulting in a smaller diamond pattern. These pieces are a cotton and cashmere blend, suitable for both men and women. The "golf" scarf was double dipped, first in Quebracho Yellow, then the Indigo bath. Safe to say that Tim will likely be the only golfer on the course wearing his golf ball shibori neck scarf, although he has started trends before!

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